Friday, May 19, 2006

About the Essential Connection

I have a blog called Using the Law of Attraction. I think that the Law of Attraction offers a great framework from which to live life - but I've found that there was something missing. The "allowing" part is the hardest part for most people.

To put it very simply, The Law of Attraction operates thus:

You identify what you want;
You align yourself vibrationally with your desire;
The Universe answers your request;
You allow it in.

The allowing part is where most people trip up. We fear success just as much, if not more so, than we fear failure. Having attracted some things into my life, but not others, I 've been intrigued by why I've succeeded at some times and not others.

And when I didn't receive what I wanted it was usually because I was subconsciously resisting what I wanted. This has led me to investigate vibrational medicine or energy healing, especially the Emotional Freedom Technique. This has been quite revelatory for me because I've discovered deeply entrenched emotional and energetic blocks which have been subconsciously tripping me up!

So whilst the Law of Attraction is fine for those who are energetically primed to receive what they want, for those of us who aren't, it doesn't fully address dissipating those emotional blocks that stops us from allowing what we desire into our lives.

So this blog is really about looking at ways to address emotional and energetic blocks (which are at the core of mental and physical blockages as well) which stops us from connecting to our essential, authentic selves ("The Essential Connection") and allowing more abundance into our lives. Think of it as melting away the hidden dam in our minds, bodies and spirits.


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