Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Making the Essential Connection

It's fine talking about the Essential Connection, but what is it and how can we incorporate it into our lives?

The Essential Connection is about the essence of who you are. It's when you take off layer upon layer of what you've been told you should be, your job, your relationship, your abode. It is none of those things. It is your Spirit. It is your connection with the flowing energy of the Universe.

We have experienced it, even when it seems brief. When we go on holiday and witness a stunning sunset, fantastic sex, being with good friends and able to be ourselves. It is that feeling of oneness which we seem to reserve for special occasions, without realising that it is our birthright and that it can be experienced every day with a little more self awareness and willingness to experience it.

And how do we manage to do that?

By becoming conscious. By taking the time and realising the importance of being conscious.

I guess you could also call it the Power of Now.

Most of us don't spend enough quality time alone. Time that is spent doing very little, time to invest in a hobby where we lose track of time. Many of us are actually scared to spend time alone, because of what we're afraid of what will come up and so keep ourselves trapped in artificial "busyness".

Having some kind of daily meditative practice helps us to connect to our essential selves, clearing out the drainage of our minds' active, repetitive and often negative thoughts.

If you don't spend some time alone, what are you really afraid of?


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