Saturday, March 31, 2007

American Idol's Internal Civil War

I've been an avid viewer of American Idol for some time now and watch it very consciously from an energy perspective.

Everything is vibration and energy. And when our energy is clear and without obstruction, then whatever we want in life can come to us with ease and abundance. However, if there are obstructions in the forms of limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings (which are strongly held in our energy system), then we can often repel what we say we most want, without knowing why.

Compromisied and conflicted energy

Abraham Hicks state that when our energy is compromised and contradictory, we are consciously putting our foot on the gas, putting out our desires, but unconsciously we are putting our foot on the brakes of fear and limitation and feelings of not being safe. It is an internal civil war, which will limit your felt and actual experience of abundance.

Well, where does American Idol come into this?

Looking at why some entertainers succeed and others doesn't, it seems to be me that the ones who want it the most vibrationally, with few if any energetic obstacles or limitations, are the ones who are the most prominent and as we know, they are not always the most talented.

The first person to leave the final 12 of American Idol was Brandon Rogers. Brandon had been a backing singer and wanted to step up to the front. Like so many in this show, his auditions seem to be better than his performances in the last 24. He certainly wasn't the weakest singer in the show, but he was voted out.

However, it was his reaction to being voted out which was most interesting to me. He just seemed so relieved to be out and quite happy. You could argue that he was putting a brave face on and that he was really disappointed, but I didn't sense that. I got the sense that he was pleased to go. He could always go back to being a backing singer, but at least he had given it a shot. I felt that his heart really wasn't in it for the long haul and I guess the audience sensed it too and let him go.

The contestants' compromised vibration

Next to go was Stephanie Edwards. Again a good singer - definitely not the worst. Yet again she "lost it" somewhere along the line. Simon Cowell said that she had "lost her edge" and he was very, very right about that. Prior to the eviction process, I instinctively got the feeling that she would be evicted that night and she certainly wasn't the favourite candidate to leave. Interestingly enough in the post eviction interview, she also said that she felt instinctively that she would go.

Then Chris Sligh left. He was definitely one of the better singers in the competition. However, show host, Ryan Seacrest asked him what he did in his downtime. He said that he slept. Because the show was 24-7 and he needed his energy to rest and recuperate. The show was fun, he said, but it took an awful lot of your energy. That's probably true. But it didn't show him in his most dynamic light. The audience agreed and sent him home.

Out of the three previous evictees, he seemed a little more disappointed, but his comments betrayed a kind of weariness about the whole process and perhaps vibrationally he wasn't in it to win it because it would exert too much energy from him. In fact in a recent interview, he said that he didn't really want to win it anyway and that he only wanted to make it into the top 10, so that he could benefit financially from the American Idol tour. Talk about focusing on what you want!

Vibrate What You Want

Brandon, Stephanie and Chris are all very capable singers, but energetically the audience has sensed something lacking from them. It's very interesting the way the energy is focused. Some singers have ok auditions and don't overly impress during the auditions, but gradually get stronger and stronger, while others seem to give their best shot at the auditions and are never the same since.

This same process can be seen individually, when people say that they want something, but their vibration and energy are actually saying something else. In fact, the Universe responds to our vibration and not our words. We are unconsciously communicating with our energy all of the time - not always in our favour either.

The Emotional Freedom Technique offers us the opportunity to name and consciously clear out our conflicting energy, which results in blocking our experience of abundance.


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