Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's All About The Energy

Just had a really interesting experience.

I was about to write this blog in an Internet Cafe and it was going to be about Energy Dynamics. How our own energy impacts on everything around us.

I was in an Internet cafe which I'd been in before - it can get fairly crowded, but the service is quite good. When I went into the cafe I didn't quite feel right, but still paid to use it for a certain period of time.

At the first computer I was on, I felt the sun in my eyes and was pondering whether to move or not - then the sound on the computer didn't work. I was hoping to listen to an online teleclass, but no such luck.

So I move to another computer, it starts to work, I'm starting to listen to the teleclass and then it just goes off. Just like that. I ask for help again and the assistant says: "What are you doing to the computer?".

I knew that he was right.

My energy was not good in that place. Although I'd used it before, today (Saturday) was a particularly busy day and I felt the energy of so many people closed in together with minimal privacy. It just felt overwhelming and I really didn't feel comfortable. He turned the computer off and told me to wait a while before turning it on. By this stage I'd decided to call it quits, my energy really didn't want to be there.

Computers are a particularly effective and fascinating mirror of our energetic state (as our other people, although we don't often realise this). Whenever I was in a high energetic mood, the computer would work seamlessly, if I wasn't then it'd stutter into life before working sporadically and then petering out.

So harnessing, focussing and centering our energetic state makes perfect sense.

I don't do food shopping unless I'm feeling grounded because if I do I end up spending more money. There has been research into financial decisions made where those in a good state of mind made better decisions than those who were not. This is quite obvious when you think about it and as Abraham Hicks point out, it is best to take inspired action - action that is taken when you are feeling good - rather than not.

And I've found this to be true. If I undertake activities in a certain state ie ungrounded, you can bet that I'll need to redo them at a later time. It really is all about the energy and learning how to quickly centre and ground yourself really does pay dividends, both emotionally and financially.


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