Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My two least favourite words are......(part 1)

...........those which we place a high value on. How many times have I heard someone justify their success, wealth and standing in the world by saying: "I've worked really hard to achieve this, trouble with some people is that they don't have the discipline to achieve what they want".

And comments like these are often used to wield a big stick with which to beat those seemingly less "successful" as "lazy" and "unmotivated" (ever ask why they're unmotivated and what would help to motivate and more importantly inspire them?)

No such thing as laziness

I personally don't believe that there is such a thing called laziness. Only aspects of our lives that we are not inspired by because they don't resonate with us. It was probably somebody else's idea of how to live. And who wouldn't be lazy and uncommitted following someone else's diktat?

It is the summer holiday and parents all over the UK (and elsewhere) are struggling with how to amuse and entertain their children over this period.

A lady at the gym I go to says that during the holidays her daughter bounces out of bed. But during the school year its; "can I just have five more minutes Mum?". I hardly think that this is unusual somehow!

What's the difference? She is motivated to get up because it's something that she wants to do, rather than something she has to do.

Incidentally, what the "traditionally" successful people never mention is that they love what they do. It would have been pretty well impossible to succeed in the way they have, without doing so. Anyone can work hard and people do but working hard without being fully aligned with what you want to achieve is a complete waste of energy. Unfortunately, many people believe that working hard on its own will generate the kind of success and fulfilment that they desire.

No it doesn't.

Some of the hardest working people in any society are often the poorest.

It's about learning how to use and harness the energy of the Universe aligning it with your desires and interests, to allow abundance into your life.

So what are my two least favourite words?

Willpower and discipline.

To be continued..........................


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