Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kicking the Procrastination Habit - revision

My previous post was of an article that has been very popular after it was first published in 2003. The guidance given still hold good now, but I have a different perspective on procrastination, one that doesn't treat it like a disease to be overcome with treatment.

With what I now know and have experienced with energy medicine, leads me to believe that procrastination can be a wonderful witness to assist us in our energetic detective trail. If we procrastinate over doing something or being with someone, our subconscious normally has a good reason for it, even if we are not always fully aware of it at the time.

Sapping my spirit and energy

I know that when I was working at a job that sapped my spirit and energy, getting there took longer and longer. I procrastinated over getting up and leaving the house; my spirit just didn't want to co-operate. Several years on I realised what that particular form of procrastination was telling me.

Procrastinating often means that the task (whatever it is) has become a "should" a "have to" and is usually the (often unconscious) diktat of someone else. It could be parents, teachers, peer group, colleagues, the media. Sometimes this "voice" belongs to someone who is no longer in physical form, but exerts just as great an influence over your mind, body and spirit.

Maybe the procrastination is symptomatic of a deeply held issue with very long emotional roots and attachments, that has not been identified. Whatever the reasons - and there could be a multitude of them - any tendency to procrastinate over various issues and situations is indicative of something much bigger.

Procrastination is a big energy drain

Being at war with procrastination is a very big energy drain. Because procrastination is a form of resistance. Until that resistance is eliminated, then the same situations and issues will keep on cropping up again and again with regular and frustrating frequency.

EFT offers a way to get to the core issue of why someone is procrastinating and then neutralize and eliminate the negative energies causing the procrastination. After that then it isn't a issue of "making" yourself do something, but rather removing the energetic blockages so that you can allow yourself to do it (whatever "it" is with ease and efficiency) and cease holding back on allowing abundance.


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