Sunday, July 02, 2006

Energetic plumber required for England's football (soccer) team

So England's football team have been eliminated from the World Cup on penalties - again.

It's not the first time it has happened; in fact England have an inglorious tradition of going out of major competitions on penalties. And I won't go into the gory details of that.

What I am interested in is the very apparent, yet unconscious energetic resistance England have to winning major football competitions.

England didn't have the energy to win

I've begun looking at football matches from an energetic point of view. And it is very obvious which teams have the energy and spirit to win and which teams don't. You don't need to know about tactics or strategy to work that one out. Although the English media wanted us to believe otherwise, it was very clear that England didn't have the energy and the ability to focus that energy, to win the World Cup.

On paper the English team are very talented and they perform very well for their clubs, but they don't seem able to gell into a winning combination as the national team and this has been the case for 40 years.

Energetic blocks and resistance

My belief is that deep down, the English players suffer from energetic blocks and resistance to winning passed down through the generations and ghosts and mindset of previously unsuccessful English footballers.

Healers often talk about "generational imprints", whereby experiences, beliefs become encoded into our cells and situations repeat themselves throughout every successive generation (and science is beginning to discover this too). In this case It isn't genetic, but vibrationally passed down, but the effect is still the same.

These energetic blocks are nearly always unconscious, but it doesn't take too much investigation to discover what they are.

Many EFT specialists will state that one of the most common issues that their clients present is fear of success and not, as you might logically expect, fear of failure.

Fear of success

Fear of success is a huge energetic block for many people and hinders them in so many ways. If it isn't addressed or acknowledged then excuses are made for the lack of success, not enough money, time, support etc. You'll see this in the media reports of the England - Portgual match. They'll say it's because England's best striker, Wayne Rooney, was sent off. Sven Goran Eriksson, the England team manager, used the wrong formation and strategy, the weather was too hot etc.....

What they won't say is that there is a latent, unrecognized fear of success, because that would be unpatriotic wouldn't it?

As any EFT specialist knows, you have to address the benefits of a problematic situation because these are always present, otherwise there wouldn't be a problem. People are initially resistant to recognising and acknowledging this because it doesn't seem to make sense.

Carol Look, EFT Master, provides an excellent example in her must listen to podcast EFT Talk. She specialises in weight loss and addiction. One of her clients wanted to stop smoking. She asked her what the downside of stopping smoking might be. Her client said that it was the only valid reason she had for escaping from her husband and children (who hated her smoking) and having some time to herself.

Trying too hard

If this reason was unaddressed, this client would have been relying on willpower and trying really hard, usuallly to no avail. In fact trying too hard is often a sign that there are energetic blocks. I could see this last night as England ran their guts out, as if they were trying to push through some unseen obstacle, which of course they were. They were running straight into an invisible wall built by their own unconscious resistance.

One of the most common reasons for fear of success, is not being able to handle what comes with it. This could mean increased expectations because the bar has been raised. It could also mean losing contact or feeling set apart from the family or community. There are as many reasons as there are people.

Always the bridesmaid, often just the guest

There is within the English football team and footballing culture, an unacknowledged and unaddressed downside to winning a major international competition (even greater expectations perhaps?). As long as it remains unrecognized, we can expect to see England playing the bridesmaid on even more occasions as the same old situation plays round and round.

EFT offers a very effective way to discover and dispel those blocks. But is English football ready for this? Or is it better the devil you know?

And after my previous posting on EFT and sport, maybe I should contact the English Football Association....


At July 07, 2006 8:15 PM, Blogger Angela Chen Shui said...

Exciting blend of consciousness awareness with football, Julie!!!

THANK YOU and I'll be a regular visitor now that I've found you! ;-)



At July 08, 2006 2:13 PM, Blogger Julie Plenty said...


It's lovely to hear from you! This is a really fascinating topic and one which hasn't really been explored fully.

All the best


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