Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stepping into your power

I came across a fascinating article today by Steve Pavlina titled: The Lightworker Syndrome. In it he explains how lightworkers (by which read healers, coaches, consultants, psychics, intuitives, artistic and creative people) feel that they can't make money doing what they love and so feel that they have to make money doing stuff that they don't like in order to pay the bills, keep a roof over their heads. Ultimately they begin to feel so dissatisfied that they yearn to go back to the non physical.

Well, this situation is very familiar to me and many lightworkers, a lot of whom struggle to make a good living from their chosen profession/vocation.

Steve Pavlina suggests that the reason that they have such difficulty is because they are frightened of stepping into their own power because it means more clients, more responsibility, more visibility and success starts to feel overwhelming. What Steve doesn't fully address is WHY ultimately many lightworkers are frightened to step into their own power.

Ultimately, this comes down to that old chestnut; feeling safe. It doesn't feel safe to step into and own their power and ultimately, their success. I believe that many lightworkers have an ancient fear of speaking their truth, being authentic and owning their power because they've been criticised and punished for it in the past. Cultural beliefs, events that happened in childhood have led them to believe that it is dangerous for them to be and express their power.

And looking over things with a broader historical perspective, people perceived as sensitives, intuitives and healers HAVE often been persecuted. So it makes sense that they should be reluctant to embrace their inner light and power. Until these beliefs, held within their energy field are cleared out, then they will have a hard time embracing their power.

Interestingly enough, those highly sensitive people (not always lightworkers, but often so) who do not embrace and own their power are, by default, blocking it. And this comes out in different ways which includes:
  • envy and jealousy over others who seemed to have more than they do; (especially those in the same field);
  • deep sense of anger and injustice;
  • depression (which is de-pressed power)

Rebecca Marina, EFT Specialist, held a teleclass titled: Charge What You're Worth. It was aimed at lightworkers who undercharge for their services, thinking that it wasn't spiritual to charge too much money. One caller was just starting out as a hypnotherapist and her prices were slightly higher than her colleagues. They started to criticise her and said that potential clients in their area wouldn't pay her prices. Rebecca Marina's response to the caller was to keep away from those colleagues.

And she was right.

What was really going on was that they couldn't bear to see someone raise their prices because it was symbolically stating to them that they were selling themselves short. It reminds me of crabs in a barrel, the minute one crab starts to climb out of the barrel, the others try to pull it back. Spiritual or not, the minute it is perceived that your survival is threatened, spirituality seems to go out of the window and fear, desperation and negativity can come in.

Carol Look, EFT Therapist, uses incisive questions to determine why people don't feel safe enough to embrace their power. Some questions are:

  • What is the downside of being successful?(being overwhelmed, less time, more stress, more responsibility, no support?)
  • Who will be annoyed/peeved/angry at your success? (perceiving peer group disapproval is a great dampener on dreams and aspirations)
  • Who will have higher expectations of you? (Can success be sustained?)

EFT is a great way to start working on the answers to those questions energetically and removing the energetic blocks that prevent lightworkers stepping into their own power. Reiki and other energy therapies are very efficient at bringing those beliefs and emotions to the surface where they can be released.

People who have (subconsciously) blocked their own power, need to get their power and energy from others, hence energy vampires, but that's another story.................................


At November 24, 2006 1:36 PM, Blogger Jerry said...

Julie - You are so right on - it is about feeling safe and the fear that keeps us just in the shadow of true prosperity. I just spent time around the great hip hop artist KRS-One and he was talking about the same thing. He said "Sometimes you know you have to be the light, but you are scared to be the light, you are afraid of what that means. Well guess what, you are going to be the light anyways, so just go ahead and BE THE LIGHT!"

In my own life I try to remind myself of the worst thing that could happen if I do what I really feel I am meant to do - usually the worst thing isn't that I would die, but at the root of all of this fear is some sort of fear of death (whether it's literal physical death, or the death of some aspect of my identity that I've become addicted to).

Thanks for all the great posts, just discovered your site and I'll be sure to come back.


At November 29, 2006 11:47 AM, Blogger Julie Plenty said...


Thanks for your very insightful comments. You're right - the fear of death (literal, metaphorical or energetic) and the links to our survival really does stop us dead (no pun intended!) in our tracks.


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