Sunday, November 05, 2006

Your Greater Intelligence - listening to your body

One of the downsides of western society is its complete dependence on so called "rationality" and the mind and the downplaying, if not derision, of emotions and the body.

Many answers to issues that we face are solved by listening to our body. The body has a greater intelligence than our mind. It has an ancient wisdom that we ignore at our peril. It tries to tell us where we are going wrong and where we are not being true to ourselves and when we are.

This morning, I spoke up and said something to a family member that needed to be said. He didn't like it (neither did another family member) and responded with the expected denials, resistance, deliberate misinterpretation of what I was saying; it was a knee jerk response based on feeling that his fear that his sense of survival and safety was being threatened. (See my previous post: How Safe Are You?)

Needed to clear the air

But it was something I needed to say to clear the air; it was well overdue. I've been avoiding saying it for ages, going round in circles because I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but in the end my body couldn't take it any more.

I'd been getting the warning signs from my body for some time; I'd been feeling less alive, less dynamic, less focused than normal. I began to feel really heavy in my body. I started gaining weight which no amount of diet or exercise could shift. I began to feel that there was some energy vampirism going on. But what was happening was that I was stuffing down my true feelings in and all of this energy was taking the form of weight gain. I only find this out when I started asking myself questions.

In the EFT Specialty Series II, Stephen Daniel, who specialises in using EFT, amongst other energy therapies, for chronic illness (cancer, CFS for eg) said that:

"When you can't say no or set boundaries, your body will do it for you"

And that is exactly what was happening to me. Because I wasn't opening my mouth (and in fact it didn't feel safe for me to do so, which has a history all of its own) my body packed on the pounds as a form of protection. And this method of energetic protection is actually quite common among highly sensitive people.

Often highly sensitive people, being more emotionally attuned, sense the real truth about a situation. They often take on the emotional processing of emotions which other people cannot deal with within themselves, being emotionally disassociative.

Now I'm the only (and youngest) female sibling with three elder brothers, so you can imagine that I was processing all the stuff that couldn't be talked about, because it either wasn't consciously recognized or if it was, was too threatening to be spoken about honestly and openly without fear, hesitation or judgement.

However, this tendency can often lead a highly sensitive person to pay a very high price in the form of a variety of illnesses (CFS, Depression for eg) as the body seeks to find expression for those blocked and repressed emotions. There is a certain deadness around, a lack of power and focus.

What does this have to do with allowing abundance?


When you are not in the flow, when there are energy blocks, deadening your sense of power and aliveness. Fear, resentment, anxiety; all of these block your abundance. Abundance in its myriad forms cannot come to you; there are too many obstacles. Once you start releasing those blocks at an energetic level, you clear the way for all of the good stuff in life to come flowing in. Money is energy and if you are blocked energetically - how can it come to you?

If some of those issues are family of origin issues (and they are all family of origin issues!), it may feel unsafe to deal with them.

But one of the many genius aspects of EFT is the ability to neutralize the more painful feelings, so that you can begin to create a sense of safety for yourself.


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