Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Are You Ready To Receive?

The URL of this website is: allowing abundance.

My belief is that abundance is all around us and woven within the fabric of the Universe. In fact, it is the Universe, but we often don't allow ourselves to receive it.

If we are often talking about what we want, but not receiving it, it is not because circumstances are against us (although it may seem as though they are), but that we have blockages (often unconscious) to receiving what we want.

Allowing ourselves to desire and receive can be quite a complicated business actually. On the EFT website, Rue Hass writes about wanting something for yourself and how the notion of "wanting" actually throws up a lot of fear for people, especially EFT practitioners who can't seem to get their business going. Amongst their fears of wanting were that it was frightening to want, they never seemed to get what they want, they were always disappointed and that was painful to bear, it wasn't safe to want and they couldn't be more successful than other family members.

So if the idea of wanting something is associated with painful memories, why would they allow themselves to want, to desire and have that desire be fulfilled?

This is often why, as a Coach, I asked people what they wanted and there was sometimes a deep sense of ambiguity and confusion about what they "should" want and what they actually wanted, leading to self defeating behaviours or a sense of paralysis.

Another reason for not allowing abundance is fear of positive energy. On the EFT website, Eric Robins writes about this as well and states that we all have unconscious limit as to how much positive energy we can handle from the world. If the energy exceeds what we feel comfortable with, then we will self sabotage to bring the energy level back into our comfort zone. He gives examples of having a much needed vacation and falling ill on the first day of your holiday. He also mentions that for some people:

"having physical health and vitality, financial success, relationship intimacy or a full social schedule all represent too much positive energy and this will often trigger an unconscious self sabotage"

Does this sound familiar to you?

It provides a very good reason why some people fail to step into their own power or do what they know will be beneficial for them, because they are afraid of overwhelm - it'll be too much for their system. This normally indicates an energetic blockage.

And Dr Robins also mentions that :"children who grew up in a dysfunctional environment or underwent major traumas actually have structural changes in their brains, that affect how well they can (or rather, cannot) handle stress. A person raised in a dysfunctional home tends to have a much lower threshold than a person raised in a better home"

I agree with him, up to a point. But I'd like to add that sensitive children are especially prone to having this happen to them if raised in an emotionally dysfunctional family. And that the dysfunction may not seem that obvious to other members of the family.

It's normally fairly easy to tell if we have an issue with receiving. Give someone a compliment or gift and see how they react. If someone responds to your gift with a: "Oh, this is too much" - it's fairly clear that this person has difficulty allowing themselves to receive and that it is perceived (unconsciously) as threatening to their threshold and their positive energy limit.

A few years ago, my then boss complimented me on a cardigan that I was wearing, to which I responded: "Oh, it's really old!". She took me to task for this, quite rightly, and said that it didn't matter and I should have accepted the compliment graciously, which was why she was my boss.

So, it seems that allowing abundance into our lives isn't about avoidance of stressful situations, which may be unconsciously be implicated in so called desirable situations, ie having a lot of money, but in increasing our internal capacity energetically to receive. Because energetic changes precede physical changes.

How do we make it safe to energetically receive what we want and simultaneously increase our internal ability to handle it easily, effortlessly and joyfully?

Looking after our physical selves

Yes, the diet, exercise and rest are all important and so much has been written about them. One thing I will add is that sleep is greatly underestimated and getting to sleep between 9.30 - 10.00pm is much more beneficial to your well being.

Allowing yourself downtime

I've written about the joys of alonetime in another post. We don't near enough downtime to hear ourselves think, feel and be and to realise what we truly want and allow solutions to emerge for us. Meditating or having a hobby which can be meditative is also refreshing and renewing to our spirit.

Use energy psychology.....

to clear out limiting beliefs, past traumatic experiences and their manifestation of energetic blockages within in your body.

Once you start creating more internal space within, you will start to attract more harmonious situations and opportunities without and allow yourself the abundance that you deserve.


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